Founded by Gregg & Emily, a husband-and-wife team who believe that the small moments in life are what make up the big picture. 

Emily was trained as a photographer at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and has years of experience working as both a fashion and wedding photographer. Gregg is a videographer and musician who enjoys making ideas come to life.

We started TLP in 2013 after attending many weddings and events that featured photo booths. Though we enjoyed them, we couldn't help but notice several common flaws. First of all, the photos and lighting often looked bad or unflattering. Secondly, the booth itself was often an eyesore, and stuck out like a sore thumb in otherwise beautiful venues.

For us, it came down to one simple idea: To merge high-quality photography with beautiful custom design. To offer a photo booth as beautiful on the outside as the photos it captures on the inside. The Little Picture is a photo booth that is not only capable of taking exquisite photographs, but able to stand on its own as a work of art.


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